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vidsavedEvery day, millions of people go to Youtube looking for movies, songs, or quality videos to use as a basis for their own projects. Yet, finding the video they’re looking for can be difficult and time consuming.  Some people also want to download the videos and watch it later.

Vidsaved is a free video downloader which massively simplifies the process by allowing users to quickly search by keyword and get a list of results including the title, length, views and brief synopsis in a much more compact format that makes finding the right video quick and simple.

After the video has been found, the user can download the video to their computer and convert it into any number of formats for playback on just about any device they might have like  iPhones, ipod and even their Playstation 3.

Whether it’s a full length movie on Youtube , a handy how-to video or the latest video on Vimeo or a funny video on Facebook or Dailymotion,  users can make full use of these video sites content on their computer. Downloading videos and converting them into any format they want with nothing more than a few clicks, Vidsaved users save time and energy, allowing them to do and watch more.


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